Perfectly Timed Notifications

Birthday, baby shower, or bridal party – We’ll remind you in advance so you can order the perfect gift and have it arrive in-time, every time

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Perfectly Timed Notifications
Thoughtful gifts, minimal effort.

Thoughtful gifts, minimal effort.

Giftata is the first effortless gifting app. Sync your phone, go back to enjoying life, and we’ll send you thoughtful and curated gifts for the people that matter most in your life.

Timely Notifications

Our AI accounts for decision time, shipping time, and package acceptance delays to ensure you’re notified the right amount of time in advance, so you can purchase and send the perfect gifts without ever feeling rushed.

Thoughtful & Curated Gifts

Our editorial staff constantly stays up-to-date on the latest trends, allowing us to deliver the best hand-picked gift suggestions to you based on who you’re giving to and when.

In-Time, Every Time

Thanks to advance notifications, intelligent and personalized gift suggestions, and expeditious shipping – You’ll never forget to buy a gift or give it late again.

Private & Secure

Private & Secure

Rest assured, Giftata does not sell personally identifiable information to any third party.


Giftata takes your privacy and security a step further by utilizing Two–Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

SSL Encryption

Giftata uses bank–level 256–bit encryption for end–to–end encrypted communication, ensuring your information is secure every step of the way.

Data Safeguards

Giftata does not store any credit or banking information. All payment information is tokenized and vaulted.


What is Giftata?

Giftata is a mobile app that empowers you to take control over your gifting while also making it more thoughtful. We know how stressful and time-consuming it can be searching for the right gift – That’s precisely why we created Giftata. By reminding you in advance and providing personalized gift suggestions when it’s time for you to purchase a gift – We help eliminate the burden of time spent researching and finding the right gift. 

How Secure is Giftata?

Giftata uses the same process as Amazon, Acorns, Robinhood, and other financial & e-commerce applications to link cards and process transactions. Giftata even takes it a step further by implementing a 2 factor verification process that utilizes end to end, 256 bit encryption. We use this process since it is the most secure way to communicate with your financial institution and does not require us to store your information. This makes linking a card secure and seamless.

How Does Giftata Respect and Protect my Information?

Giftata does not share personal information with any third party except as required to provide services and benefits to users and as specified in the Privacy Policy. Furthermore, Giftata does not require users to divulge any personal or private information on themselves, their friends, or their family in order to take advantage of the services and benefits Giftata has available. Any information that is voluntarily given to Giftata to enhance the user experience is not shared with anyone else and is strictly private between Giftata and the end-user that provided the information.

What kind of gifts and products are available in Giftata?

Thanks to our hosting of products from the world’s largest eCommerce retailers (Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, & more) – Giftata has everything from household items and electronics to unique, rare and expensive items.

All the Best Products

Truly intelligent gift suggestions driven by real people and artificial intelligence alike. We refer our users to the best gifts every time, even when they’re not sold by our partner.

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